How it works

We offer a curriculum-aligned yoga and dance program
that upskills teachers and students simultaneously.

Our value-based yoga and dance program is built up of 32 values per year and is structured to teach the importance of each life value through the four main ways in which we learn. Visual, Auditory, Read/write and kinesthetic.

Our highly trained yoga and dance facilitator works closely with staff and students for eight consecutive weeks per term. Each classroom participates in 8 x 45minutes sessions, while our classroom resources offer daily teaching support.

Curriculum – aligned Yoga and
Dance Program Overview

Student and staff program

8-week package

Instructor lead

  • 8 x 45-minute yoga/dance sessions per class
  • 8 x 45-minute yoga sessions for staff
  • 2 hours of professional learning for all staff members. Topics include; Mindful teachers, mindful students, Trauma-informed teaching in action, Growth mindset classrooms & The neuroscience & application of self-regulation.


  • 8 interactive yoga videos per term to support brain breaks and ready to learn activities in the classroom
  • Document linking our program to the PDHPE & Dance Syllabus Outcomes to assist teachers with student reporting
  • Data collection on student and staff development to assist with our principal’s report
  • Classroom awards system to improve positive reinforcement
  • Monday – Friday email and phone support for the duration of the program