Our professional learning sessions are solution-focused, leaving staff with strategies and tools to use in their daily lives and classrooms.


  • Unit one – “Mindful teachers, mindful students”

The science of mindfulness and how mindfulness is the foundation of learning, happiness and good health. Scientifically supported mindfulness techniques and strategies to reduce teacher workload, burnout and improve overall student/ staff wellbeing and development.

  • Unit two – “Trauma-informed teaching in action”

The impacts of trauma on the brain and development. Trauma-informed teaching workshop to upskill staff with trauma-informed language, choice-making and ways to create trauma-aware learning blocks.

  • Unit three – “Growth mindset classrooms”

The science of mindsets and the benefits and tools to cultivating a growth mindset within yourself and your students. Workshop on creating a growth mindset classroom and learning environment to increase learning abilities and improve overall wellbeing for staff and students.

  • Unit four – “The neuroscience & application of self-regulation”

The latest neuroscience and a movement-based workshop on self-regulation techniques to upskill staff on the how/why to apply the correct self- regulation strategies in each arousal-state.