Improve Student/Staff Learning & Wellbeing

We help students to build resilience, develop social & emotional skills, improve motor skills and physical/ mental health.

We support staff by reducing teacher workload with our Curriculum-aligned PDHPE & Creative Arts programs + online resources.

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Curriculum-aligned Yoga and Dance Program

89% of school teachers report that our program improves their wellbeing & the learning abilities of children
92% of the students report an increase in wellbeing following our program

Our Mission

To improve the well-being of the students, staff and parents/ carers by developing physical, mental & environmental awareness throughout the entire school community.

Why Choose Us?

We collect pre, during and post data to assist with the writing of a detailed principals report. Below are our key findings.

Our Program

Our value-based yoga and dance program is built up of 32 values per year and is structured to teach the importance of each life value through the four main ways in which we learn. Visual, Auditory, Read/write and kinesthetic.


We provide primary and secondary school communities with a curriculum-aligned yoga and dance program that strengthens cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. We provide your school with the tools it needs to cultivate a growth mindset, throughout the entire community; resulting in a healthier and happier learning environment..

Through scientifically proven research we now know the framework model of human behaviour. Self- regulation and trauma have a large impact on human development, behaviour and learning.

“I’m less stressed from participating in this program. I have started attending yoga classes outside of school as yoga had such a large impact on my stress levels. I feel I now work more effectively and manage my time better. This program has taught us strategies to lessen the effect of stress and outside influences on our wellbeing.”


1.Staff complete pre-program assessments
2. In-school sessions for all staff and students to improve overall health and wellbeing
3. Daily use of our online teaching recourses to support staff and students in their classroom
4. Continuous email and phone support throughout the program
5. Staff complete post-program assessments
6. A detailed report tracking learning and wellbeing improvements is presented to your school principals


  • 8 interactive yoga videos per term to support brain breaks and ready to learn activities in the classroom
  • Document linking our program to the PDHPE & Dance Syllabus Outcomes to assist teachers with student reporting
  • Data collection on student and staff development to assist with our principal’s report
  • Classroom awards system to improve positive reinforcement
  • Monday – Friday online chat support

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