Our unique approach

  • Our programs are grounded in neuroscience and promote brain development and recovery.
  • We specialise in anxiety, resilience, and trauma recovery.
  • We work with low socioeconomic, high achieving, indigenous and non-indigenous school communities to improve whole-school learning and Wellbeing.
  • All programs include a Wellbeing Principals Report from the pre and post-program data we collect.
Kids Creating Space
Kids Creating Space

Our Story

"Kids Creating Space" was founded in 2016 by the company Director, Taran Jenkins. Taran had recently returned from leading an International Wellbeing Retreat for leaders and decisions makers. During the retreat, she spent time with a NSW Primary School Principal who later invited Taran to her school to teach the students and staff yoga, mindfulness & wellbeing.

After a very successful 8-week trial, Taran spent the next year 6-months learning about the PD/H/PE & Dance Syllabus, The Wellbeing Framework and the much-needed wellbeing and teaching support for school staff and students.

Taran later worked with two highly accredited educators, one from a rural and remote setting and the other from Metropolitan Sydney. Together, they designed four Curriculum-aligned PD/H/PE, Dance & Wellbeing Programs to serve all schools settings in Australia.

Our programs now support staff and students in 5 regions across NSW to stay healthy, motivated & inspired.

The Kids Creating Space team are highly qualified educators & instructors with a passion for inspiring the next generation of leaders, our children.

We look forward to meeting your school community soon!

Our Mission

  • To upskill staff & reduce teacher workload
  • To empower & support students
  • To support your school plan

What our schools say