Dance Programs for Schools

Our curriculum-aligned dance program offers students the opportunity to learn and perform dance routines with our highly trained dance instructors.

DAS1-7 for all stages.

Classes taught by highly qualified KCS instructors
5-8 x lessons covering the NSW curriculum dance syllabus outcomes
Low student-teacher ratio 1:35 max
Evaluation for each student participating in the program
8 interactive videos to assist students/teachers with the values needed to perform and dance
Dance routine for a concert, presentation day or fate (costumes can be added)
Attendance of the dance instructor at the event
Scope and sequence per stage
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Available Programs

Unit 4.1 "Building Communities" Learning to be inclusive and perform

The students have developed the skills needed to stay calm in situations when they feel overwhelmed. While the students are calm they can think logically which allows them to complete the set task.

Gravesend Public School