Why choose us?

We collect pre, during and post data to assist with the writing of a detailed principals report. Below are our key findings.

  • 89% of school teachers report that our program improves their wellbeing, teaching skills & the learning abilities of their students.
  • After two consecutive years of implementing our program school’s reported an improvement in NAPLAN results.
  • Principals and classroom teachers reported that students use the taught self-regulation strategies in their classrooms, on the playground and enjoy upskilling their family members at home.
  • After one unit of our program teachers reported the sessions and recourses had a positive impact on student and staff self-awareness, concentration, a reduction of anxiety and stress, and improve productivity.
  • Principals found that students and staff become more patient, open-minded, compassionate and empathetic towards others and themselves during and after our wellbeing program.
  • Teachers found that our program upskilled staff with a growth-mindset vocabulary. Teachers found that using our vocabulary and value-based learning structure to teach all curricular activities increased engagement, excitement towards learning and the ability to problem-solve.

Teachers Testimonials

I have noticed that my students have been coming to school with a better attitude towards their work. This assists me as their teacher as it allows me to deliver rich lessons as the students are focused.

This program is amazing! The difference I have seen in my kids from Kindergarten to the end of term 1 Year 1 is incredible and I believe this program has impacted my students in a very positive way.

It provided students with opportunities to experience new things. Those students able to interpret feelings have shown improvements in many areas

Miss Taz and Miss Jaz were awesome with the kids and really got them engaged and focused in each of the
sessions. Students are taught strategies to help when they are feeling stressed or anxious and are now using them in their day to day living.

These classes gave me some great skills that I can implement in the classroom. It also allowed time for daily calmness that some children love (and me too!).

The student’s concentration and focus have improved, and we can relate that back to teaching and learning

I have learnt to make more time for me since undertaking wellbeing/yoga classes with Taran and Jazmine. I start my day with meditation or yoga and end the day with a session at the gym. I have found this has improved my work/life balance

The program has been great and it’s nice to see wellbeing as such a high priority. The professional learning sessions have been fantastic and the Window of Tolerance has been a great tool for the classroom and helped me to gauge where students are with a bit more confidence.

Miss Taz and Miss Jaz displayed great behaviour management strategies with my class. It was calming and engaging, and the students enjoyed every wellbeing session.

My classroom is a lot calmer. I’ve really enjoyed having access the videos anytime at school, staff meetings with Taran were very informative, interesting and helpful. Taran and Jazmine were always available to help staff, students or lesson plans.

Staff yoga really helped me, it was the first time in months that I have been able to completely switch off and be in the moment. So thank you!.